About VSJ

Darbhanga Royal family holds the highest place among the munificent persons or families of the North India It was with the effort of Maharaja Rameshwar Singh that by the end of the 19th century Rajnagar, a small region under the governance and jurisdiction of the very maharaja, appeared on the map of Mithila. The family is famous across the country for its contributions in the fields of education, knowledge and cultural development with its endowment to all the universities the family has lit an ever burning candle of education and knowledge of course, the family is remembered and mentioned with all respect and reverence in education world.

The family has produced many MahaMahoUpadhyays (distinguished scholars) and philosophers. MahaMahoUpadhyays Mahesh Thakur’s extra ordinary knowledge is considered the main factor of his accession to the throne of Raj Darbhanga. Generations later, Sir Kameshwar Singh, when he was enthroned. Look the vow of spreading the lamp of education, and knowledge to every look and corer of Mithila region. The Secondary school, Sanskrit School and the high school of Raj Nagar are the outcome of that very decision of the Maharaja.

Before the evolution of landed state system, Raj Nagar was under the governance of Raja Bahadur Vishweshwar Singh. After the death of Raja Bahadur vishweshwar Singh the head office of the Royal families administration was changed into the college and It all happened with the willingness of late Prince Jiveshwar Singh, Prince Shubheshwar Singh and the great effort of pundit Shree Devanand Jha, Narayan Patti, The college, named after Vishweshwar Singh, the father of the Prince, has been running Properly Since 1971, Under the Patronisation of yang Jyashwar singh and late Shubheshwar Singh. And with the Co-operation of the local people.

The People of Raj Nagar are Indebted to the Royal family for this great endowment. On 26th August 1971 a committee headed by Prince Shubheshwar Singh and pandit Devanand Jha being the Secretary, was formed unanimously for the smooth running of this college. Among other members were late Mitre Narayan Singh, late Munindra Mishra, late yougendra jha, late Buddhikar jha, late Dayananda jha and so on. During the early years of the establishment of the college praise-worthy was the contribution of Prof. Dr. Naveen Chandra Mishra, Department of Maithili, CM college Darbhanga and famous learned author Prof. Bholanath Jha “Dhoomketu” after the sudden death of late Jiweshwar Singh his Youngest Brother late Shubheshwar singh gove all Possible contributions for the development of the college he donated a part but a considerable number of books of the private library of Darbhanga Raj to this college. Not only that he gave tinancial aid at times also late shubheshwar singh was a great lover of knowledge and learning and it was by his effort that the college got the possession of a land area of 13 kattha 6 dhur. The piece of land covers the inner and outer premises of the college in addition to the college got a large playground.

In 1981 as per the order of the state government the college was taken over and became a constituent unit of LNMU Darbhanga.

This college has been continuously imparting education to the poor people of this area in all the faculties- Arts, Science and Commerce, qualified and competent teachers, rich library under construction girls hostel(added by the UGC) well equipped science, Geography and Psychology laboratories etc. Speak of the commitment of the college to education.

So many time the college has hosted Inter college football, cricket, chess and other Sports competitions and youth festivals yanking them grand success every time. The college is ever ready to develop sports ability in the student as well as full fill their moral and educational needs. Many students of this college have been rewarded at university and Inter University Level Competitions. The establishment of this college meets the needs of the poor students of this area It is really Nice to Know That Many Students of this college are giving their service to various government and non government organisations.