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Vishweshawr Singh Janta College Rajnagar, Madhubani, Located in rural area is a constituent unit of LNMU Darbhanga It is well acclaimed in the university for its quality education. Besides the field of education. The students of this college have given of education, the student of this college have given the best account of their talent in games and sports, different competitions and cultural events.

The college, located in Rajnagar, the heart of Mithila and at the same time the penance place of Maharaja Rameshwar Singh, has been enjoying the memorable love and affection of the quardians since, the time of its establishment. The duty fullness of the teachers and non teaching staffs has also added a lot to the glory of this college.

The students of this college .....Read More




Shri Nitish Kumar

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Bihar

Shri R.V. Arlekar

Hon'ble Governer, Bihar

Shri S.P. Singh

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, LNMU

Prof. Jeevenand Jha

Principal- V.S.J. College, Rajnagar

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